My name is Christie Martin and I’m the owner of Sugar and Spice Australia. Born in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney Australia, I grew up on the beach with salty hair and sand in between my toes. I’m passionate about summer, travel, saltwater and never venture far from the water. Spending the majority of my twenties travelling around sun drenched islands abroad, returning home every few years to my career in Human Resources, before jetting off again to see more tropical paradises. 

In 2000, I purchased a Beach Headrest in Padang Padang Bali Indonesia, which soon became my most essential summer, travel and beach item each year. Whilst it is still functioning to this very day (although a little salty), I was never able to find myself another one. Therefore during 2015, Sugar and Spice Australia was created, with the vision of making high quality Beach Headrests for every sun and beach lover to enjoy. Since then, Sugar and Spice has been home to the Beach Headrest.

Beach Headrests keep your head out of the sand whilst you’re relaxing on the beach, reading a book, chatting with your friends, or just simply taking in the view. Beach Headrests aren't only limited to the beach, they can be used around the pool, relaxing in the garden or just lounging around at picnics or on grassy knolls.

May your Beach Headrest be your favourite beach accessory this summer and every summer after!

Peace, love & sandy feet!

Christie xx

Sugar and Spice Australia ®